My top tips to get over your video fears

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Video is huge in growing your business and social media platforms. Videos are more likely to be viewed on social media, they help people to get to know, like and trust you and are a huge part of an online Fit Biz.

So, why are you delaying it? Because it’s scary, cringey and no one likes to see themselves on video! We can end up self-criticising, feeling self-conscious and worry about what others will think.

We all have those fears but if you are creating videos for your business, no one really cares about what you look like, they want to know what they can learn from your video, they want to what’s in it for them.

Here are the best ways you can overcome your fears or start to look at video differently…

  • Share what your audience wants to hear – videos for you business and for social media should share a purpose. How can you educate, inspire or help your audience? As soon as you start to think of videos for these purposes it becomes less about you and more about how you can serve.
  • Why do you watch videos? – The next time you’re scrolling think about what makes you pause on a video and watch it. Usually for me it’s a title that captures my attention, something that spikes my curiosity or something that I want to know more about. It’s rarely because of what someone looks like.
  • Talk to someone specific– When you’re filming a video imagine you’re talking to your ideal client. What do they want to know from you? Or imagine you’re talking to a good friend who you never feel self-conscious with.
  • Think of it this way – Unless it’s a live video, you can record, and re-record, a video as many times as you like. It’s not a speech you have to memorise and say on the spot in front of hundreds of people.
  • People are into themselves – If you’re worried about what people will think, don’t be. People are too busy worrying about their own lives to worry about you. It sounds harsh but in reality, we need to get over ourselves and understand that if anyone has judgements about us its stems from something within their own lives. And a lot of the time people will have an opinion for a minute and then get back to their dramas in their own lives.

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