5 ways you can create more social media engagement & interaction!

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Not only is engagement great for your social media accounts in terms of getting seen more, increasing your followers and getting more likes but it’s also what social media is for.

Social media is just that, an online media for us to socialise so why aren’t we doing more of it?

Here’s 5 ways you can be more social on social media and get great engagement for you pages, posts and accounts…

  1. Ask questions – We you want answers ask questions. Too many of us aren’t asking for peoples feedback or opinions. Especially when it comes to our business’. I always thought that I should automatically know what people wanted from me and my business and I didn’t think I could ask them. But now I do it all the time. I ask people what they want, what they need help with and what their opinions are. Keep asking your audience questions.
  2. Engage with other accounts – We often think people should be coming to us. We post expecting people to just see it and we think people will just find us. Think about this in the physical aspect, we don’t make friends by not speaking to people, we make them by talking to them – engaging with them. So make it a habit to go to other peoples accounts, like and comments on posts you love and genuinely make connections.
  3. Share popular videos or posts that you love. – if you see something that makes you laugh, inspires you or you think its something your audience will relate to then share it! You may even add a caption like ‘I love this video, drop am emoji in the comments you it inspires you too?’
  4. Respond to the comments and likes you do get – if you’re getting comments and likes on you posts, respond to them. If someone spoke to you in person you wouldn’t ignore them so don’t the same online.
  5. Ask for recommendations and opinions – people love to share what has worked for them and they love to share their opinions, whether good or bad.


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