How to meditate easily everyday

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Here’s what I often hear:

‘I can’t meditate, mind is just too busy.’

‘I have no time to sit and do nothing.’

‘I tried meditation once and it didn’t work for me.’

Firstly, the reason why we practice meditation is to calm our busy minds.

Secondly, Meditation isn’t doing nothing. It’s being present, mindful and learning to management stress and our thoughts.

Thirdly, just like you don’t lose weight with one workout, meditation takes time and practice and works differently for everyone.

Here’s what mediation really is and how you can do it daily….

Meditation isn’t getting rid of thoughts and clearing our minds. It’s learning to be an observer and detach ourselves from our thoughts. Allowing then to come and go yet not indulge ourselves in them.

You don’t need to find the perfect position, quietest room or calm environment. You just need to find something for the mind to focus on that brings us to the present moment.

Here are a few things you can try throughout your day…

  • Focus on your breath – An easy way to mediate is simply being aware of the sensation of the breath. Observe the inhale and observe the exhale.
  • Focus on an object – Find an object to focus on and observe what it looks like in as much detail as possible. Going further you could close your eyes and start to visualise the object as clearly as you can.
  • Focus on the sounds around you – Be aware of the sounds around you as they come and go. Try not to actively look for sounds but simple be aware as sounds around you come and go.

If you’d like try a deeper 10 day mediation why not get lifetime access to my 10 days to Serenity online meditation course.

Or why not come along to one of my Serene Yoga classes where you release tension in the body through movement and tension in the mind via mediation.


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