Why we should all be doing Yoga in the mornings!

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Why we should all be doing Yoga in the mornings!

Yoga at anytime of day is great but yoga in the morning is better! Here are a few benefits of yoga in the mornings…

  • Better sleep and balanced hormones – When you make Yoga in the mornings a habit you will find you wake up better and go to sleep better! It has positive effects on the endocrine system which generates hormones
  • It boosts your metabolism for the rest of the day – It wakes the body up and gets your metabolism boosted for the day. When you focus of rotations and twists in your session you can also decreased bloating from the previous days meals and boost your digestive system for the day ahead.
  • You’ll no longer need your morning coffee! – Yoga wakes us the mind and body and the focus on posture and movement helps you to become alert
  • Improves your posture and achey muscles – If you’ve slept funny to simple just roll out of bed, chances are your posture isn’t going to be great. Yoga in the mornings can release any tension in the neck or back caused by sleeping funny and can also stretch out postural muscles so you not only stand taller but breathe fuller throughout your day!
  • Boosts immunity – It helps the lymphatic system avoid infection and dispose of toxic waste products.
  • Boost your mood – If you’re not a morning person Yoga is going to be great for lifting your mood not by the endorphins released from the movement of the body but with the focus and presence a yoga practice brings too. You will be more centred and focused on the present moment cultivating a calmer and happier day!

If you’re not sure what to do to practice yoga I have a few solutions. Why not become a Sweet Petite Fitness on Demand member where you get access to online workouts, yoga, pilates and meditation sessions. Most sessions are only between 10-20 mins, a perfect length for a quick morning yoga session! Click here to find out more!

I have also started a new morning Serene Yoga class in Sandy, Bedfordshire. Click here for all the details about joining.


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