8 easy ways to get focused when you start building your online Fit Biz!

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  1. Set time aside that is purely for the growth, training and creation of your online Fit Biz. It’s easy to let things slip if you don’t set time aside to do it
  2. Know your audience – This is going to bring you focus because you will know who you’re talking to, what their struggles are and what you can create to help them.
  3. Allow yourself to be a beginner and don’t be too hard on yourself. Do what you can with what you have.
  4. Let your friends and family know that your venturing into a new aspect to your business and you’ll need their support.
  5. Let you current clients know and get their feedback and interest. This will be invaluable to building the right online product.
  6. When you feel like it’s all too much, learn to rest not quit. It’s easy to throw it all in in the heat of the moment but sometimes we just need to take a step back and try again with fresh eyes and fresh mind
  7. Discover your why. Why do you want to take your business online? Think of all the reasons why and go deep. These will keep you focused when you feel like you’re getting overwhelmed.
  8. Choose your hard. Think of your long term goals instead of what’s in front of your right now. For me it’s the long term goal of working solely from anywhere, not teaching until I’m 80 and building residual income so I have freedom and options.

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