What I mean when I say ‘choose your hard…’

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What are you complaining about in your life now? Take a moment to think about it. Maybe you’re complaining about your weight, how your feel about your life, your job, your relationships?

Recently I’ve been paying attention to what I’m complaining about and I remind myself to choose my hard instead of complaining. Let me give you an example. If I’m complaining about getting up early to workout I ask myself – do I want the struggle of getting up early to workout or do I want the struggle of not feeling my fittest and healthiest. So I choose my hard, both options are not what I want but I know one is going to bring the better outcome for my goals so I choose my hard!

If I’m not bothered about being my fittest that’s absolutely fine but I then have to not complain about it, right?

So, look at your complaints and force yourself to ‘choose your hard’ for the better outcome in the long run!

Maybe you’re complaining about your job, or an aspect of your job, and you know you can solve the complaint by doing something different – talking to your boss, finding a new job, complaining to the right person who can help you – so it’s time to choose your hard. Do you want to stay miserable with the issue you complaining about or do you to talk to your boss/find a new job/find a solution which may be equally, if not more, uncomfortable for you but will bring you a positive outcome?

It’s time to make a habit out of choosing you hard to help you towards bigger goals and positive outcomes. We can get addicted to complaining and out troubles and they are sometimes the easy option compared to what we have to do to get a better result.


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