My top ten FREE resources that helped me take my business online…

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If you think taking your business online must be expensive, think again. Yes there are things I pay more monthly that I couldn’t do without in my online business BUT there are also things that started me off for FREE and that I still use now for FREE. Here are few that you can start to use TODAY….

  1. InShot – All my videos are edited on my iphone using the app @InShot. And there are lots of other video editing apps that are free, but this is my fave. It’s now quick an easy for me to use because I literally use it every day!
  2. Canva – I now pay for the upgraded version of Canva but I have used canva for YEARS for free creating e-books, social media posts, flyers, posters, banner, FB group banners and sooooo much more. It is a website and app that I couldn’t run my online business without!
  3. Preview – This is the app I use to schedule my Instagram post and also keep my groups of #hastags that I use for all my posts. Again, there is a paid upgrade that I used briefly but realised I didn’t actually need to.
  4. Cleaner for Instagram – This app helps me to unfollow anyone on Instagram that isn’t following me back. After all to grow my business it’s my followers that are my audience not people that aren’t following me.
  5. PinkU app – This is the app I use on my Instagram post. I use a certain pink filter to make my posts all look similar. This isn’t essential to grow your business, but I just think it looks great and keeps in line with my brand colour pink.
  6. com – I have recently started to use to create an online shop for Groove-it Fit Instructor clothing. I will eventually do the same for Sweet Petite Fitness Clients and members. You can set a shop up for free and you even get commission from selling your branded clothing.
  7. Buffer – I use Buffer to schedule Twitter, Facebook & Instagram posts. You can use Buffer for free for up to 3 accounts, anymore them you have to upgrade. It means I can post the same Groove-it Fit post to my Facebook page, twitter account and Instagram without having to create it 3 times! You also have apps and sites like Hootsuite and Crowdfire.
  8. Pinterest – I use Pinterest to find quotes, tips and inspiration when I’m feeling stuck. A lot of my quotes I find on Pinterest.
  9. My Notes app – I use the notes app on my iphone all the time. I have links that I can easily copy and paste to send to people, pre-written replies for when I’m on the go (these are anything from generic class timetable info, online programme info and ‘you can find all the info here -link to website). It saves me a lot of time and its easier to customise from a generic template message.
  10. The Mojo app – I use this app to create my business Instagram/Facebook stories. Again, there are paid upgrades, but the free tools are just as good!

Look at some of these and see what you think. Start using as many free tools and resources as you can and as you start to build and grow there are always upgrades to go to.


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