The easiest way to stay motivated when…. you really don’t want to work out!

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You can’t expect to be motivated all the time. In fact, you’re probably going to more un-motivated then you are motivated. This is the reason we choose not to workout and the reason why we are rarely consistent when it come to workouts. It’s because we think we have to be motivated in order to do it.

Truth bomb: 90% of the time you will never be motivated to work out! You must cultivate the will power and self discipline if you are going to achieve any results or stay consistent in your question to keep fit!

When I offer online or home workouts to people, I always come up against the excuse ‘I wouldn’t be motivated enough to workout at home.’ I get it, neither am I BUT I’m not motivated to go to the gym, a fitness class or even to go for a walk! And when you think about it, are you?

The answer is probably no! And do you know why? Because exercise is a habit created from self-discipline and self-discipline is an act of self-love! If we rely on always being motivated to get things done do you think your house would ever be clean or the ironing would ever get done? Hell no. We are not motivated to do those things, but we do them because we have pride in how our homes look and pride in the clothes we wear. We need to start having pride in being healthy.

SO the easiest way to get motivated is to find the ulterior motive behind the reason you’re working out. You clean your house, even when you aren’t motivated, because you want to live in a clear, happy home. So why not workout because you want to live in a healthy body, you want to live in a strong body, you want a long life in an able body!

Task: Grab a notebook or the notes app in your phone and start jotting down reasons why you want to work out, keep asking yourself why. Why? Why? Why? Until you reach an answer that sparks a need to make that workout a part of your life!


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