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I recently had a lady attend one of my Groove-it Fit classes. She enjoyed the class and at the end she came up to me to tell me so and to also tell me that she used to workout until she suffered an injury and since not exercising she became shy and insecure but she wanted to get back into her fitness so she overcame her insecurities and attended the class.

It really woke me up to the cycle I think we all go through. Exercise gives us confidence; it naturally and scientifically makes us feel great. That gives us confidence and helps us to overcome things outside of our workouts too. But if we’ve never exercised or we’ve had time away from our workouts, or even just fallen slightly off track, our confidence can be knocked and then struggle to get back into it or get started.

We need confidence and courage to exercise, attend a gym or class or even just to do a workout in our own home can feel like a big task yet we usually get that confidence when we start working out rather than before.

I’m writing this blog today because I think we all need that faith and motivation that if we take the steps to incorporate exercise in our lives then we can access a confidence that lies dormant within us. And if we make this our focus and motivation to exercise rather then the goal of weight loss or the perfect body, then I think we can have more success with staying on track.

So next time you don’t feel confident in going to the gym, class or just exercising, focus on that feeling of confidence and accomplishment that comes with completing a workout and know that the confidence you need to attend that workout comes from doing it.

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