The quickest way to get results with your health and fitness…

Have you ever wanted something really bad but never received or achieved it until you forgot you wanted it, didn’t want it so bad or it effortlessly came to you when you stopped working so hard to get it.

Did you know this is the quickest, yet hardest way, to get what you want, including great results with your health and fitness?!

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t want it, I’m not saying you should forget about achieving or stop working for it but what I am saying is RELAX. Let go of the outcome and enjoy the process.

Think about it. Have you ever started a healthy eating plan but been too strict because you wanted to lose weight so badly, and then gave up because it was too hard. Or have you put so much pressure on yourself to workout for hours everyday because you were desperate to get that bikini body, only to give up because the pressure and hours in the gym became too much.

Those are extreme but we often stress ourselves out trying to be perfect in effort to reach that ultimate outcome that in the end we go the opposite way. We give up, we binge eat and we do no activity for days, weeks or months on end.

It’s time to relax. Be determined and focused on the results you would like but let go of the outcome and the route to get you there. Keep balance in your life while you go for what you want, have your workout days and your rest days, healthy balanced meals most of the time and indulgences every now and then. Follow a workout programme but trust the process instead of stressing that you’re not seeing results.

The more you relax and enjoy your journey the greater and more long lasting your results will be. Give yourself the luxury of letting go of the grip you have to the outcome you want, yes put steps in place like healthier meals and following a workout plan or moving more but allow the process to guide you there while staying relaxed and unattached to your end results.


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