What I learned from staying consistent...

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Staying consistent is the number one success factor in getting fit, losing weight, reaching a goal and having long lasting results with all three!

It’s been hard as a fitness instructor to stay on track and consistent with my own personal fitness journey but as soon as I made this a priority and stayed consistent, I learned so much.

I realised that so many other goals I hadn’t reached were due to that fact that I wasn’t consistent and that built a distrust in myself and any commitment I made. When you’re not consistent then you start to not trust that you can be consistent and succeed at anything. When you learn the habit of consistency you start to trust that you can overcome, and you can achieve, and it spreads into every other part of your life too.

It’s also made things easier. I never have to ‘start again’ and any results you get, for example weight loss, can be easily maintained.

Most of the time our failures do come from not putting our all in or doing our best, but it comes from not being consistent for long enough. Consistency and patience come hand in hand. If you’re not seeing results it doesn’t mean results won’t show, with persistence and consistency.

Here’s my three biggest tips for staying consistent with your fitness, weight loss journey or any goals you are going for…

  1. Plan to prepare or prepare to fail – Make sure your workouts, meals, or goal orientated tasks are planned and scheduled on a weekly basis. Keep them as appointments and soon they will be second nature.
  2. Find you why and your biggest motivation – It’s important that you have a BIG why and reason why you are trying to reach your goal. This is going to keep you consistent on those days when you really don’t want to keep going and show up.
  3. Reward yourself for your consistency not your results – We often reward ourselves if we reach a certain goal which is great but half the time when we don’t see results showing that’s the time we give up. So, try rewarding yourself for your consistency. Track your consistency to stick to your workouts, eat healthy meals and maintain those tasks which take you closer to your goals. You will find that by congratulating your self simply for staying consistent will lead to bigger rewards and big long-term results that are worth the wait!



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