Why you should always start with self-love before weight loss…


I am a huge believer in cultivating self-love and a positive body image before starting a weight loss journey…

Most people believe that if they just lose that stone or were a dress size smaller then they would be able to love themselves and feel great about their bodies.

Unfortunately, if that’s your mindset before you lose weight then that will always be your mindset towards your body. There will always be something else you want to change or adjust before you can look in the mirror and say ‘I love you’ to yourself.

You should always start with at least a little gratitude and respect for your body and what it does for you daily and what it’s been through. Start with compassion and learn to respect it in every way you can.

When this happens, we cultivate self-love more easily and we can start to see more things we love about, not just our body, but ourselves. When we can start from that place, we can enjoy the journey more and accept ourselves at every step of the way rather than starting our journey with hate and thinking it will eventually end with the results we desire.

Write a list today of all the things your body does for you daily, be grateful for it and accept it just how it is today.



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