The quickest way to love your body...


Isn’t that ultimate goal when we strive for weight loss, flat tummies and better butts? To love our bodies and feel good about them?!

You may be thinking it’s a slow process, you’ll never love your body, or you need to lose a certain amount of weight before you can even think about getting there!

But I can promise you there is one thing you can start doing right now to love your body and start to build a better relationship with your body.

I want you to be open to trying it too. It’s easy to dismiss and hard to do, meaning we never really give it a go, but if we did, it’s a new beginning to a different relationship with our bodies.

So here it is…

The quickest way to love your body is to ACCEPT it.

Accept it as it is now. Accept it for all its been through and goes through daily.

The more you start to accept your body now the more you can learn to love your body.

You can still want to lose weight and drop a dress size when you accept your body. Acceptance isn’t about putting up with what is. Acceptance is about an appreciation for where you are, where you’ve been and what you allow in the future.

You can do this with your life too. You can accept where you are in life and still make changes to improve it. Acceptance is about being at peace with where you are at and recognising how you can move forward from where you are now and what you have now.

Try it this week. Look in the mirror and accept rather then criticise. That acceptance will soon become body love and healthier decisions moving forward. You cannot move forward without accepting your starting point.



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