The easiest way to kick start you weight loss…


Kick starting you weight loss is easier than you think and is really based on common sense but we all seem thick there’s a magic trick to losing weight or getting started.

In truth the easiest way to kick start you weight loss comes down to a few simple things. These few things done consistently really are the magic ingredients to weight loss, as well as feeling great and getting healthy.

Ultimately it comes down to the body being able to function at its best and therefore metabolise, digest and heal to the best of its ability.

I know you’re all dying to know but I want to warn you that these are daily activities that, taken seriously and executed well and often, are the key to living you best life physically, mentally & fully! So please do not dismiss these so readily they require the compound effective of consistency.

Okay so here they are…

  1. SLEEP – never underestimate the power of a good nights sleep and a regular sleep pattern. Sleep is our bodies time to rest, heal and repair. Have you ever had a bad nights sleep, late night or irregular sleep patterns and found you ate more, didn’t feel motivated and became lazy? A great night’s sleep heals our body, gives us energy and reduces our cravings and tendencies to overeat or indulge in the wrong foods.
  2. WATER – We are 60% water and most of us are dehydrated a lot of the time. Our cells need water to do their jobs and function properly. If they can’t do this then the body can’t metabolise properly, we become lethargic and we hold onto the water we do have! You need to be drinking your body weight in lbs divided by 2, that number will be the amount of water in fluid ounces that you should be drinking daily.
  3. EAT MORE OF THE RIGHT FOODS – I hate giving out the advice to cut out foods. Even though I want you to do this it promotes a vibe of deprivation. Instead of me saying cut out sugar, caffeine and processed foods I just want you to start eating more of the right foods. Focus on the foods you can eat rather then focusing on what you can’t have. The more you choose from this place the less deprived you feel. For example, instead of saying I can’t have that chocolate bar (taking your focus to chocolate) start saying I can eat that apple with peanut butter, I can eat celery and hummus, I can eat ‘insert the healthy alternative’. So often we focus on what we can’t have which makes us want it more. Switch your focus.

Try these over the next few weeks and see how much better you feel.



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