It's time to decide...

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It's only now I'm back on track with my nutrition and fitness that I realise that my excuses were completely made up.

I get is life gets busy, which is one of the reasons I came off track, but I soon realised that I even used that as an excuse to fuel more excuses and to not get back track.

Instead it is just a matter of priority and time management, as well as, commitment and consistency. 

This week I have done a full week of 25 minute workouts and reigned in my nutrition and it's only now at the end of the week that I realise how easy it can be and how silly my excuses were.

When it came down to it I let it slip as a priority and tried to justify that with reasons why I could't do the workout, find time to meal and stay consistent.

I want you to really think about the excuses you are giving and give yourself some tough love if you need to. Hey if it's not a priority that's fine...but pay attention to what you're complaining and explaining about...

What do I mean by this?

If you complain you're too fat, need to lose a few pounds, want to fit into that swimsuit and generally complain about things you wish could be better but then 'explain' all the reasons why you can't achieve it (excuses) then you need to make a decision....

Are you willing to give up excuses and make fitness and nutrition a priority or are you ready to give up complaining and love and accept yourself as you are.

Both lead to a happier, healthier life free of mental conflict and full of self love.

What decision is good for you right now?


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