Staying consistent instead of always starting over...


'I'll start Monday'

'I may as well start again after my holiday'

Do these sound familiar?Those time when you've been off track for a few days, weeks or months and you recommit and start again. It's often the time when people just don't start again, they feel like they are starting from scratch and it feels easier to just continue not working out and eating unhealthy food.

It's tempting and there's been a few times when I've thought the same. BUT then I realise that I'm really not 'starting again' I am starting from a more experienced place. I can learn from where I went off track originally and grow from there! If you're someone who seems to be 'starting again' often then start to take a look at why you stopped. What took you off track? 

Momentum keeps you going. It's easy to keep going when you've gained momentum, its hard to keep starting again, it takes more energy and effort. So my advice as always is to stay consistent. Sometimes that means being on track perfectly and sometimes that means 10 mins of movement and 1 healthy meal but isn't that better than stopping completely and finding the energy to 'start again'. Here's my tips on staying consistent so you don't have to keep start again...

  1. Start with small steps - One of the reasons we go off track or give up is because we have taken on more then we can handle and we can't maintain the big change all at once. Stay consistent by changing one small thing at a time. That will bring you big success in the long run.
  2. There are no quick fixes - Another reason people have to keep starting again is because of fad diets and keep fixes. Those diets that are for a a set amount of time and are unrealistic to maintain long term, so you end up with great results but pile on the pounds plus 10 extra as soon as you go back to your 'normal' lifestyle. Real results come from lifestyle changes not quick fixes. get used to the reality that this has to be a lifetime change that sustainable rather then a quick fix.
  3. Never miss more than 2 days - My number one rule of thumb when it comes to workouts and healthy eating is never go more then 2 days without a workout or healthy eating. Going into that 3rd means you will find it extra hard to get back into exercise and back on track with eating well.
  4. Have regular workout 'appointments' - Scheduling your workouts like they are appointments that are important to you means you're more likely to show up for them. Plan out your week of workouts and see if you stick to them more often.
  5. Do some thing for 30 days or more - They say its takes 21 days to build a habit! So lets be on the safe side and make you commitment for 30 days. 1 month of daily movement, 1 month of healthy breakfast, 1 month of quitting you favourite fizzy drink or sweet treat. Just small changes maintained for 1 month and you will find it becomes a way of life - and that's always the aim! Go back to tip number one and choose one small step to implement over the next 30 days - then next month choose another one to add one.

Stay consistent. stay healthy!


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