What kind of weight loss-er are you?

I talk a lot about enjoying your journey and making you health and fitness a lifestyle instead of a 'diet' and 'workout binge'....

But how do you get there unless you know where you're at?

Take a look at these three analogies and see which one resonates with you with regards to your weight loss or fitness journey...

You're on your journey - let say your weight loss is a car - but your not getting to your destination (your perfect weight) fast enough, there's things holding you back and causing traffic (work, life, mindset/excuses). Are you someone who...

a) Gets extremely frustrated and angry, decided that you're never going to get to where you're going so ends your journey and goes back home (your comfort zone/current weight)

b) Is annoyed that its taking so long to get to where you want to be, stops for a bit because it's frustrating, only to realise that you've stopped for too long and now you realise that the traffic (your weight/ weight gain) has got even worse so you had better start again. You get back on your journey, and traffic is moving really well and you feel happy that you're closer to you destination. Then you hit road works (an overindulgent weekend) and things come to a stop and you make the decision that because you're going no where you may as well stop for a little longer at a service station. This cycle starts over and over again.

c) Knows you're going to get to your destination eventually and knows there may be road works and traffic along the way, but because you know that you've taken precaution and put things in place for when those obstacles arise, so you sit back and enjoy the journey, you enjoy the views and the things you see along the way. And when you come to a stop, you feel relaxed because you know that you're destination is in sight and things will get moving again soon and you'l be back on track.

C is obviously the one we want to be! but which one resonated with you and can you see the difference. Which one would you prefer to be and what do you need to adjust in order to get there...a lot of the time it's mindset!

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