Why I've give up feeling guilty...

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Why I no longer feel guilty when I skip a workout…


I think a lot of people think that because I’m a fitness instructor and personal trainer that I don’t have any body hang ups or that I don’t need to workout for me because I get exercise from the classes I teach.

Both not true. The reason I become a fitness instructor was because I didn’t like my body and thought teaching fitness would definitely whip me into shape! Okay it did to a certain extent but only when I taught a new class or new routines other than that my body was just going through the motions and building up wear and tear.

When I started  my own personal fitness journey I loved every single second and it felt really good to be doing something for me, as I am sure most people feel when they start a new exercise or feel motivated to ‘really do it this time.’

Like with anything the honeymoon phase passes and life happens a little bit cause us to fall off track and struggle to get back on.

Consistency is what I talk about a lot because it really is the magic ingredient but I found even though I was being consistent I would still feel guilty that it wasn’t every day or it wasn’t the specific workout that went with the programme I was on.

I don’t think I’m alone in this which is why I’ve given up guilt – and since then I’ve felt lighter (mentally), happier and enjoying the journey once again. I work out consistently but it’s a workout that suits me on that day. If its yoga, its yoga. If its cardio, its cardio. If its 10 mins, it’s 10 mins. Done is better than perfect and little movement regularly is better than no exercise for big periods of time.

But how do you give up the guilt and negative self-talk? Here’s my tips…

  1. Replace it with positive – When you’re beating yourself up for not working out, pause and focus on something positive you have done for yourself or even just find something about yourself that you love.
  2. When you miss a workout because it feels like a chore and something you ‘should’ be doing – Own taking a break and a rest day. Forcing yourself to workout isn’t going to build a positive relationship with exercise instead repeatedly ask yourself how do I want to move today? Trust that you know what’s best for your body, enjoying the workout means you’re more likely to want to continue in the future. Don’t beat yourself up just find something else that fits better for you, for that day!
  3. Make a list of everything your body does for you without you having to actively think about it. It digests your food, sends messages to your muscles to move, it heals a cut. This always helps me to appreciate my body and does one of 2 things: makes me want to exercise and take of my body – it motivates me, or it makes me appreciate – not feel guilty – about giving my body rest.


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