How to eat healthily when you're not a rabbit!

When it comes to eating a healthy diet I hear this so much, 'yes but I don't want to live on rabbit food'. Referring of course to the mounds of salad they will have to eat in the process of being healthy.

I get it! Eating healthy can feel very daunting and restrictive when you're starting out and in this day and we are bombarded with packaged food and lack the skills to turn rabbit food into something amazingly delicious!

We also have a warped view that eating healthy means boring and restrictive, when reality it means being more creative, prepared and open minded.

Here's the thing, veggies and salad do play a role in eating healthy - you would be foolish to think they didn't. But with a little perseverance and tweaking eating healthy is just as tasty - IF NOT MORE- than eating something that's pre-packaged and heated in the microwave.

To eat healthy ant stick to it you firstly need to right a list of all your favourite meals. These are going to be what you build your healthy eating around because who wants to eat healthy if you can't eat what you love.

Now we take a look at that list and tweak little bits at a time until we have found healthy alternatives and recipes that suit us. For example, my favourite meal is a burger and chips. I've tweaked this so I can have this more often by going bun-less the majority of the time, choosing high quality burgers, go sparing on the cheese and have extra tomato on top, pairing it with sweet potato paprika chips and a side salad.

It's still satisfying and healthier! On the rare occasion I revert to my old burger ways I realise how filling it is and can only usually eat a small amount...and it makes those rare occasions like a real treat!

What are you waiting for - go write your list and get tweaking!


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