Enjoying your journey!

'Focus not on the outcome but the joy the journey brings you'

One of the biggest mistakes we make is to spend most of our focus on the outcome we want to achieve rather then enjoying the journey!

And lets face it we this weight loss exercise and trying to achieve our perfect bodies has to be filled with struggles, deprivation and punishment when in fact we can get better longer lasting results if you enjoy the process and make it a way of life.

We are sometimes so impatient to get to the destination that our journey there becomes a quick fix or a torture because we believe that that is this only way.

We have somehow come to believe that if we enjoy the process of exercising and eating healthy we won't get the results.

I want you to look at what you're doing now to achieve your goals and ask yourself these questions?...

Do I enjoy what I'm doing?

Could I maintain it even when I've if I reached the outcome I desire?

Do I feel deprived or punished with the journey I'm on at the moment?

If you don't enjoy what you're doing, you couldn't maintain it once you've reached your outcome and you feel deprived and punished on your journey then it's time you make changes!

Here's a few tips to get you started?

  1. Make a list of exercise classes, gym equipment or activity that you haven't tried but would like to give them a go. Start trying them one by one and see if any work well for you and make a note of the ones you hate and wouldn't do again!
  2. Write a list of your favourite meals and start to research healthier alternatives so you can still eat what you love and still enjoy your journey.
  3. Find the time each week to really evaluate what is working and what isn't - what makes you feel good and what doesn't?
  4. Celebrate your small victories and see your 'failures' as opportunities to learn, grow and try again.

This is going to be an ongoing process but try and learn to enjoy it and make your focus the journey and not the outcome!




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