Finding Your Fitness Flow

 I feel like I've found my fitness flow but it's soooo different to what I thought it would be.

What do I mean by 'fitness flow'. I mean being in that place where you finally feel like you have your fitness sorted. It's no longer a chore and its part of your lifestyle...

...Well this is what I thought my fitness flow would feel like! And in a way it is. It's now more of a lifestyle and I rarely go 2 days without doing some form of exercise but its still not a flow that comes as easy as I thought it would.

If I'm honest I don't think it ever will (sorry for the spoiler.) Fitness and being consistent with fitness is going to feel easy sometimes and hard the next but your 'flow' will come from your disciplined consistency rather then reaching a point of grace and flow and an easy ride.

When I started my personal fitness/health journey (thats working out for me rather then getting my workout from teaching classes as an instructor) I thought I was going to reach a point where I would no longer have to think about my workout, it would just be something i did - easy and effortless....

...It is like this 80% of the time and the other 20% is a struggle. The constant battle of the 2 voices in my head debating if I should workout today, the voice of guilt if I don't and the voice reason as to why I should. By the time this battle is over I could have completed a mini, if not a full blown, workout and just be done with it.

I guess what I'm trying to say is you 'fitness flow' is going to flow with your life, sometimes it's easy fun and effortless and sometimes you will want to stay in bed! 

What your 'fitness flow' will probably look like is an ECG. A consistent flow of up and down that's constant and that doesn't flatline! It's simply just about staying in the flow rather then quitting or stopping for too long! 

My number 1 rule is to never go more then 2 day without movement/workout, anything more than this and its really hard to get back into the 'fitness flow'.

What is your 'Fitness flow' looking like?



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